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LWOT publishes the very best writing by the very best writers in Canada (and sometimes by Americans who pretend, in their cover letters, to be Canadian). We only publish fiction, though our understanding of the term fiction is pretty loose (and can be summed up, for the most part, by our title). Quite simply, if you're lying, it's fiction.

In many other respects, however, LWOT is quite strict about what we choose to publish:

Here are some things that we're especially excited about publishing:

  1. Stories that have plots.
  2. Stories that are topical.
  3. Humorous essays (of a fictional nature).
  4. Genre stories (yeah, that's right, genre stories).
  5. Chapters of your novel-in-progress.
  6. Stories that feature zombies, werewolves, or zombie-werewolves (preferably besieging a small Maritime town).
  7. Stories that feature former Canadian diplomat Ken Taylor.

Here are some things that we're not as excited about publishing:

  1. Stories about people coming of age on rural Ontario farms in the 1950s.
  2. Tales of woe from the coal mines of Cape Breton.
  3. Memoirs that document the trials of growing up with an alcoholic stepfather in small-town Newfoundland.

LWOT science fiction

Even though we ourselves are Canadian, and love Canada, if your story can immediately be defined as "Canadian", we probably won't like it. Being Canadian is all about being inexplicably ashamed and fiercely proud and eternally confused about what it means to be Canadian (so, if that's what your story is about, please send it along).

We also don't publish:

  1. Poems, which are often wonderful, but not what we're looking for.
  2. Non-Fiction, which can be thought-provoking, but, again, not what we're after.
  3. Book Reviews, which are rarely wonderful or thought-provoking, and which we will only accept if they are written about fictional books, or by fictional reviewers.

Now, you're probably thinking: "Wow, those are some pretty strict guidelines. What's the deal? Who the hell are you to tell me what I should and shouldn't write about?"

To which we might reply: "Listen, there are hundreds of places for you to publish your fiction (click here to see a list), and just because LWOT has turned you down doesn't mean you haven't written a terrific story." Then we'd probably tell you about the time that some guy, under an assumed name, sent a bunch of classic short stories to the CBC literary contest, and none of them made it past the first round. Then we'd nod our heads slowly and say: "See what we mean?"

And hopefully you would.

Click here to read more of our unnecessarily complex and condescending guidelines.


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